Cellulose is an effective noise barrier and sound absorber.

Cellulose-based insulation provides an economical, environmentally friendly solution to soundproofing your home. See Blown Cellulose Insulation for more information on all it's qualities.

Installing cellulose in floors and walls will significantly minimize noise levels stemming from neighbors, machinery and everyday life. This significant noise level reduction provides a more enjoyable and peaceful living or work space.

Cellulose-based insulation is injected at 3.0 lb. density per cubic in party walls (dividing partition between two adjoining buildings or units) and at 2.5 lb. density into existing ceilings and floor constructions directly through 2 1/8 in. holes pierced into the gypsum boards or, in the case of unfinished walls, through a membrane mesh stapled to the wall frame before installing the wall panel. This membrane mesh prevents sagging over the years and maintains air leakage to a very minimum.

The cellulose-based insulation we use is ideally suited to insulate and soundproof any type of building, whether residential, commercial, institutional, industrial or farming. This insulation can be installed on all types of surfaces as new or closed walls, 60° to 90° cavities and party walls.

Sound absorption (soundproofing) achieved with blown cellulose insulation exceeds that of most other noise damping materials. For maximum sound absorption, blown cellulose is used in conjunction with resilient bars/rods with additional layers of gyprock.

Because cellulose is made from 85% recycled newspaper and biodegradable protective additives, it is a non-polluting and non-irritant material. Tests have proven this product free of any gas emission whatsoever.


The cellulose insulation products we use contain:

  • No Asbestos
  • No Fiberglass
  • No Formaldehyde

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Igloo Cellulose... The unparalleled thermal and acoustical insulation product.

Igloo Cellulose... The unparalleled thermal and acoustical insulation product.

Diagram of Acoustical Insulation Floor Assembly STC 56

Diagram of Acoustical Insulation Floor Assembly STC 56

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